Dropping Machines Line


Tower DROP delivers cutting-edged features and functionality in a compact, lightweight, bench-top dropping machine with the ability to work with all kinds of doughs - even ones that require a wire cutter. Since the debut of their first bench-top dropping machines in 1999, FBM has been continuously working to make them easier to use and more affordable. Tower DROP is completely automatic and comes equipped with a custom-designed computer and user-friendly touch screen panel. Tower DROP's unique dual-dropping head combines both the pump head - suited for working with thinner doughs such as cake sponge and macaron dough - and the cylinder head - suited for working with dense doughs and meringues - in a single unit. Tower DROP uses standard, widely-available pastry bag nozzles and a wire cut system to increase the variety of products that can be made on it. Tower DROP's internal CPU gives the operator control over the speed and direction of the movement of the pan (including "back pan" and "whole pan" for sponge cake), the vertical movement of the table and the rollers ("drip catcher" for loose doughs), and rotation of the nozzles during deposit cycles (optional feature).

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