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Bean to Bar

Bean to Bar: Machines for the production of chocolate starting from cocoa beans. In the last 10 years the world of craft chocolate has revolutionized; thanks to the Bean to Bar the production of chocolate from cocoa has become important in all the best chocolate laboratories in the world. If until a few years ago everyone used to melt and re- temper industrial chocolate, since 2011, thanks also to FBM, there are thousands of "chocolate makers" who create their own chocolate. Fbm offers all the necessary technology with different characteristics from the stone mill with three different production segments to the ball mill also with three different production segments. We have 5 Bean to Bar schools around the world, and we have a very famous hub in Legnano where we have been running our now iconic specialized Bean to Bar courses since 2011, which have been attended by most of the hundreds of chocolate makers around the world who use our machines.