FBM Food Boscolo Machines


Tempering Machines

Tempering machines: Machines for tempering chocolate, making bars, pralines and other molded products. It is also possible to coat a wide range of products (biscuits, cakes, etc.) thanks to the enrobing attachment. FBM produces 10 models of tempering machines, 2 models of batch tempering machines which manage the tempering cycles thanks to a dedicated software specifically created for this tempering system. Fbm produces continuous tempering machines of various different capacities; the smallest tempering machine is a 4kg table top tempering machine, while the largest is a tempering machine for industrial laboratories with a 100kg tank which can reach a productivity of 400kg of tempered chocolate per hour. For the larger tempering machine models, Fbm has created a software that can also manage three consecutive tempering stages, allowing the perfect curve that leads to perfect crystallization of the chocolate.