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About us

Who we are

What you need to create and process your chocolate. FBM USA is the American brand of FBM one of the leader companies in the chocolate machines worldwide market. Thanks to FBM USA you can have everything you need for chocolate: melter machines, continuous tempering machines, cooling tunnel, panning machines, enrobing machines and decorating systems. The Company was founded in 1977 in Italy and it is leaded for nearly two decades by Umberto Boscolo, who is assisted by a dynamic and professional team. Since 1997 FBM is present in the US market and now it has its Representative Manager in Atlanta who follows every Customers directly in the commercial part, in the technical one too and even in the post-sale service. Our brand in USA is located at 664 Pacific Star Court in Las Vegas, NV 89183 (EIN: 35-2625973). FBM participates every year in the most important national exhibitions and it is very active on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+) and on its blog (myblog.boscolo.it) where it records its daily growth.

Our products

In addition to the historic machinery dedicated to chocolate FBM is also one of the first companies in the world to produce machinery for processing and transforming cocoa in chocolate, better known as "Bean to Bar" production. The Bean to Bar in the USA has had a great success and attention. Fbm has hundreds of "bean to bar" chocolate producers in the world and has helped the birth of many new producers across the continents. The Bean to Bar lines includes all the machines needed to produce chocolate bars starting from the cocoa bean: cracker and winnower machines, melangeurs and balls mills, melting and tempering machines and, finally, cooling tunnels. Besides to the core business dedicated to chocolate, FBM USA also distributes FBM's dropping machines and depositors. All types of dough that can be dropped with the bag or all types of mixtures and liquids that create sponge cake or special biscuits such as macarons or eclairs or, again, all types of dough that are created with the "rolling pin" and the "molds" can be quickly dropped with Tower Drop or Sintesi. Even in this market segment, Fbm is one of the first companies in the world that has produced this electronic depositor model and was the first company in the world to produce the table-top dropping machine. FBM also offers decorative machines like chocolate wall and fountain. Our machines are suitable with the 220V 60Hz 3phase + n + g or single phase. Everything from the design to the manufacture is made in our headquarters in Italy and all our products are made in Stainless Steel, according to the CE rules.

How to buy

If you are interested in buying an FBM machine you can buy it directly on our website by Credit Card or you can write an e-mail to: fbm@boscolo.it with the name/names of the machine/machines, some information about your Company and production and a phone number. We will be glad to help you to choose the most suitable machine for your needs.


For any kind of technical assistance, we have a service that can help you via e-mail: support@boscolo.it, via Skype: fbmsrl or via Whatsapp: +39 335 140 1929 Write us specifying the name of the machine and describing the problem, send even photos or videos if it is necessary. We will be happy to help you and solve any kind of problem! We dispose of all substitute components and we can ship it to USA in 24/48 h according to availability.

American FBM Area in Las Vegas:

In the USA the American FBM Area is located in Las Vegas at Jean-Marie Auboine’s Laboratory: 4780 West Harmon Avenue Suite 1. Here Jean-Marie holds courses dedicated to the Bean to Bar and to the “ABC of Chocolate”. For any type of information regarding the FBM Bean to Bar Course write an e-mail to: marketing@boscolo.it