Dropping Machines Line


Dropping machine, with renewed design, suitable to drop dense, semi-liquid, mounted doughs and with typical consistencies of wirecut shortbread and similar. The dropping head, guided by a new and enhanced brushless motor, includes two pairs of cylinders with different designs to drop both hard and liquid doughs. The new 10.1 "color touchscreen allows instant and simple parameter management, thanks to its simplified graphics. The machine can be equipped with molds of different types and shapes, according to customer requirements, for both dropping and wire cutter. The machine is prearranged for the setup of the inverter (VFD) to process the different dough consistencies. The machine is equipped with a speed variator for the forwards and backwards of the trays, for the upwards and movement of the table, for the rotation of the cylinders and for the movement of the rotatory mold. Trays are trained with double conveyor belt, removable feed head for easy and quick cleaning. Possibility to set the baking pan after casting to reduce bulk. The machine is equipped with a plexiglass security cover.

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