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Cooling Machines

Cooling Tunnel: Horizontal and vertical tunnels to cool the products as needed. Crystallizing chocolate is a complex undertaking which requires maximum precision in the temperatures inside the refrigeration tunnel and adequate control of humidity which is the main enemy of perfect tempering and crystallisation of chocolate. Thanks to two well-separated and distinct chambers, humidity becomes almost imperceptible inside our refrigeration tunnels for chocolate. We have created horizontal chocolate tunnels of different lengths and different widths from the smallest chocolate tunnel 4m long and 30cm wide for the transport of chocolate, to the horizontal refrigerated tunnel 24m long and 1.60cm long for the transport of shells and molds for chocolate eggs and other chocolate sculptures. FBM also produces 3 models of vertical tunnels for molded products. Fbm has developed a system of elevators that carry the mold from bottom to top and then transport it to the exit of the cooling tunnel where the chocolate will be perfectly solid and well tempered.