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Stilosa is the machine conceived to be shown into locals with typical fragrance of chocolate. The modern design allows it to fit perfectly in the counters of pastry shops, chocolatiers, ice cream parlours and coffee shops. The small size allows flexible positioning and adaptable also to existing furniture. The machine can decorate the counter products, prepare little glass and cups of pure chocolate, wet waffles, ice cream cones and cups. The auger pump is located inside the bowl and allows a fast and easy change of chocolate. The heating temperature is always constant. Stilosa works with melted chocolate. The system for flow lock by pedal, helps in dosing desired quantity. The low power consumption allows its continuous use throughout the whole day. Capacity (bowl): kg 7 Installed power: Kw 0,80 Dimensions: mm. 424 x 604 x 1284 h (including spout) Weight: 70 kg

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