Decorative Machines Line


Alimentary Painting Cabinet

Can be used for suction operations with cocoa butter, jellies, egg yolk sprayed with a compressed air gun, equipped with an intermediate filter at the suction inlet, supported by two steel meshes, fumes outlet filter and the possibility of adding also a cardboard pre-filter to avoid annoying cleaning after use. Shelly for the painting cabin for Chocolate, Fbm wanted to create an innovative concept as it added a lamp, a gun holder hook and then a rotating disc at the base of the surface which, activated by a pedal that allows you to keep both hands free, allows to decorate any subject in any space without getting dirty in the slightest. In addition, the Shelly suction booth is also equipped with a nice and useful cover curtain that can be closed at the end of the process. The inlet of the decoration area is 625x400x710.

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