Bean to Bar Line



Ball mills are capable of rapidly producing chocolate, nut pastes (for gianduia), and spreadable creams. It has been designed to reach 20/25 microns thinness. The Machine is equipped with an integral internal pump and reversible auger that ensure fast and homogeneous refining, avoiding unwanted clogging. The TaoBroma is controlled by a compact touchscreen PLC that makes it easy to learn to use and operate as well as to create, store, and recall [up to NNN] recipes. Control parameters include the speed of the internal stirrer, the speed of the pump, working temperature (separate heating and cooling circuits), and the overall refining time. There's the possibility to add an electromagnectic filter. To remove the balls the machine is equipped with a lateral door. Technical Data Weight: 750 Kg Capacity:105 kg KW: 11 Dimensions Height: 1800 mm Width: 950 mm Length : 1200 mm

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