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Created for the craft chocolate maker committed to traditional stone-on-stone grinding, FBM's Rumbo Kid: small chocolate mill elevates small-batch chocolate making to a new level. The core of Rumbo Kid consists of a solid granite base and massive granite grinding stones. Unlike other approaches where either the base or the working bowl rotates, in the Rumbo Kid the millstones turn, driven directly via the motor without belts or gears. Rumbo Kid also includes forced hot air as a standard feature. This enables the base and grinding stones to be heated before a batch is started, expressing the cocoa butter from the nibs more effectively than working from a cold start. If desired, the hot air (which can be adjusted from ambient up to 75°C) can be turned on (or remain on) during grinding, which leads shorter processing times than with similar machines. Whether working from-the-bean, purchasing roasted nib, or working from liquor, Rumbo Kid provides chocolate makers with more precise control over the parameters of the chocolate-making process. Rumbo Kid can be run “low and slow” or “hot and fast” to suit the chocolate maker's intentions, knowing that Rumbo Kid will deliver a final product that tastes good with excellent plasticity, fluidity, and workability. Solid granite base. Granite millstones weighing 10 kg each. Direct drive (no belts or chains) via high-torque, adjustable-speed motor Forced ventilation with adjustable temperature Plexiglass bowl cover. Auger pump . Bowl capacity: 28kg recommended batch capacity Weight: 280 kg (617 lbs) Power installed : 3Kw

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