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One-Shot Machine.

Description Duplimax allows, with its double head and dosing plates, to produce any chocolate with filling. The machine has been designed to meet the needs of those laboratories that want to automate a type of processing which normally takes a long time. The design, ease and flexibility of use, together with a sophisticated electronic touchscreen management exclusively designed by FBM, allow anyone to be able to produce filled pralines in a short time. Technical Data By loading the polycarbonate molds on the conveyor belt, the machine will take care of dosing tempered and filled chocolate at the same time on rows of products with a variable number of cavities according to the needs (mould dimensions 275 x 175 mm). The machine needs to be supplied by tempering machine or tempered chocolate. Heated hoppers (one for the chocolate and one for the filling). Adjustments for hopper temperature; head movement speed; conveyor belt speed. Double brushless motor for movement of the row of injection and dosing pistons.

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