Tempering Machines Line



Unica comes equipped with a three–zone tempering system enabling more precise control over the tempering curve. Continuous tempering technology allow control over 3 temperatures: the working bowl is heated by the bainmarie method, the second stage (the curve temperature) is cooled directly by the refrigerant gas, and the final stage (after the tempering pipe) is eventually warmed — a combination that delivers very good response times and stability. . Unica's brain enables operators to program and save individual tempering curves for the chocolates they use, set a weekly schedule (e.g., turn the machine early on Monday so that the chocolate is melted when the doors open), and automatically switch the machine off. Removable screw pump and authomatic reversal allows the complete unload of the chocolate from the screw pipe itself. Equipped with: Heated vibrating table dim. 868 x 416mm Storage into memory of different tempering curbes Weekly timer for switching on the machine Automatic switch off Night cycle Electronic dosing device Removable screw pump Switch that reverses run of screw pump Storage into memory of different tempering curbes

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