Tempering Machines Line



New quick and effective cleaning system without using water inside the machine.

The tempering machine Prima, delivers the benefits of FBM's continuous tempering. The PRIMA tempering machine is the smallest vertical FBM machine. With a 10 kilos capacity bowl, PRIMA meets the requirements of the small pastry shops both for its cheap price and for the small dimensions. The high technology insides are the standards by FBM. The machine is controlled by new electronic CPU that allows to set working parameters by obtaining continuous tempering process. The heating is made by thermal induction for assuring best precision and reactivity while the tempering process is made into the screw pump by gas, granting short working times and accuracy in holding temperature. The machine is equipped with electronic dosing device with adjustment of dosing time and repetitions. The automatic reverse of screw pump allows to unload chocolate out of the screw pipe to reduce to a minimum time the restart the tempering cycle.

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