Tempering Machines Line



JUMBO is the expression of FBM technology in the field of industrial processing (capacity of the working bowl 100 kg for a total of around 400 kg of tempered chocolate per hour). The machine functions are controlled and programmed by an electronic card with a digital keyboard. The CPU also includes an automatic shutoff procedure. The continuous tempering cycle is controlled by R404 refrigerant gas for the cooling section and bain-marie for the melting section. The machine provides automatic reversal of the auger, night cycle, graphic tempering curve with the ability to store up to 10 curves and the control of the third stage is optional. It can also provide a pneumatic doser operated by pedal that allows to maintain the tempera in spite of the continuous dosages, thanks to the secondary channel on the dissolution bowl and the valve that diverts flow. The equipment includes heated vibrating table and enrobing attachment(optional) with: stainless steel belt from mm. 400 or 600, detailer with an independent motor, net beater/shaker, air blower, variable speed up to 2 meters per minute.

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